The Zanzibar experience

The Zanzibar experience
Loved it!

We loved it so much here, that we extended our stay 2 times! Excellent staff (without exception) Nice food and drinks, nice water-sports center, nice rooms (spotless clean) nice entertainment and nice weather. Thank you all so much, especially for the lovely desserts.
Guest nationality: Dutch

Terrific hospitality, best buffet that I have witnessed in decades of travel. Very helpful staff – kite board instructors went above and beyond – just excellent. Would highly recommend!!!
Guest nationality: Canadian

We had a wonderful honeymoon. Everything was really perfect, we were kite-surfing, snorkeling and visiting some incredible places. We will come back next year.

Thank you for everything. Our wedding on the beach was so perfect and we are so lucky that we chose breezes. Your staff are so friendly and so service minded. We enjoyed our surprises very much, especially the last one when we were “sleeping under the stars”. Thanks again for a wonderful wedding and a honeymoon.
Guest nationality: Swedish

My husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary here at Breezes everyone here has made our stay very welcoming and our celebration in Tides restaurant we will remember forever.
Guest nationality: British

Thank you very much for such a lovely time. The resort was excellent and the hospitality was fantastic. We would certainly recommend Breezes to all our friends. Thank you again for a great honeymoon!
Guest nationality: British

We had the best time here… everyone is just fabulous! We are coming back in 2014, yippie to us!!
Guest nationality: Australian

This has been an amazing & wonderful stay at Breezes. Perfect end to our honeymoon. We like to say thank you to all your staff who gave service “with a smile at all times. You have been excellent with your personal touches and surprises. Thank you all!! Will miss you all!
Guest nationality: British

A huge thanks to everyone at Breezes for making our engagement holiday so very special. Everyone from top managers to the hotel guys have been extremely helpful, warm and inviting. We have enjoyed ourselves so much that we do not want to leave. This is the kind of special resort that I could imagine returning to for many ‘special occasions’ in the future. Thanks again.
Guest nationality: British

Asanta sana to the whole Breezes team! We’ve had a perfect honeymoon in paradise – thank you for all the hospitality, the warm-hearted atmosphere and the diverse delicious food! All the trips we did were very well-organized and we particularly enjoyed the village tour. We hope to come back one day!
Guest nationality: German


A wonderful place in a beautiful landscape. The interior design is of particularly good taste and the staff is friendly. The food is excellent we would love to come back.
Guest nationality: German

This has exceeded all our expectations. Wonderful staff, food, facilities, and accommodation. We feel very relaxed.
Guest nationality: British

Thank you for some wonderful days here at Breezes! Now we look forward to the next couple of days at your sister hotel.
Guest nationality: Norwegian

Asanta sana kwa siku nane nzuri kupita kiasi. We liked the relaxed ‘hakuna matata‘ atmosphere and the beautiful pwani sana! Very nice place to relax and a great get-away paradise. Thank you very much. Asante sana na labda tutaonana tena!
Guest nationality: Danish

Thank you for these 8 days of leisure, friendly and exciting atmosphere, lovely dinners – especially desserts! Meeting with Bwejuu and its inhabitants was so memorable. We bring with us wonderful memories from Zanzibar and Breezes. Asanta Sana.
Guest nationality: Swedish

The Zanzibar experience

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the wonderful calm experience of Zanzibar. It has always been my wish to come here and I don’t regret coming to Breezes. Well its time to leave but I hope to come here again to share the warmth of love, respect and humility. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Guest nationality: South African

Thankful to have spent thanksgiving with you – unforgettable experience, awesome is an understatement, hotel worth every dollar!
Guest nationality: American

This has been the most fantastic holiday and perfect way to spend our honeymoon. The staff and service have been amazing and we are so appreciative of all the hard work that has been put in to make our visit so wonderful. Thank you and hope to come back soon.
Guest nationality: British


2 most wonderful weeks have passed in a whiff! I enjoyed all the little and big details, decoration, wonderful food,fresh flowers in the room every day, friendly and well prepared staff, relaxed but cared for atmosphere, nice bed linen, and good drying towels! Everything clean, spic and span in the room. The facilities, beach and pool. Congratulations, it was an experience worth telling.
Guest nationality: German

The 8 days at Breezes were an absolute stay in paradise. Great weather, nicest management and staff, great food, great facilities. This is not enough to tell you how we enjoyed it. If time and wealth will give us the chance we will certainly come back! Thank you for everything to everybody from management, to the gardeners and cleaners, super!

Thanks so much for the fabulous stay! Loved every element, the calamari was the best ever!! Wonderful staff, hopefully will be back soon!
Guest nationality: New Zealand

Absolutely beautiful paradise. Wonderful gardens with such a rich colour. Tranquil and quiet. Beautiful rooms and outlook to the sea beyond. Charming staff, the most delicious food imaginable. Loved the beach dining at lunchtime and gala dinner. The dancing girls were incredible. Thank you so much.
Guest nationality: British

Wow! Wonderful stay! The hotel is just as in our memories when we first came here 15 years ago. The same beautiful surroundings and architecture, the excellent staff and delicious cuisine. Thank you for a marvelous stay in paradise.
Guest nationality: Swiss/Tanzanian

Hakuna matata!!! Really! We loved the hotel, your staff and your delicious food and services (massage, yoga, etc). It’s a beautiful and relaxing stay in Breezes. Thanks for all the smiles and good vibrations. Asanta sana.
Guest nationality: Brazilian

We had an amazing time in Zanzibar and especially at the Breezes hotel. People are really friendly and professional!!! Food is excellent. The dive center is well-organized and the dive instructors are amazing. Hope to come back one day.
Guest nationality: French

The last word

Attention to detail, impeccable customer service and hands on management is definitely Breezes winning combination!Thanks to the friendly staff, general overall neatness and tidiness, I had a very relaxing stay. We will definitely spread the word.
Guest nationality: South African

Reviewed in June – December 2013