The moment we got to the hotel we were spirited away to the most fantastic hotel room which was separated from the sea by just a couple of palm trees. We had a superior first floor bungalow and it was so worth the extra money. Our balcony (bigger than my lounge and dining room together) was amazing and just the ticket for sun downers.

The beach was amazing – perfect white sand. The sea was beautifully clean. We weren’t even bothered by the Manchester United clad locals when strolling along the beach which I was pleased about.

The first day we could not quite work out why no one was sun bathing around the pool, and why people had chosen to lay under the beach umbrellas. Come midday it was all clear – [-] it gets hot! Even my sun worshiping companion was heard to cry out for shade on a number of occasions (believe you me if you knew her you would be gob smacked!). The weather made the holiday… even the manic thunderstorm was amazing.

As has been said by a few other people, the dining experience was amazing. I will for ever turn my nose up at naan bread that hasn’t been cooked fresh in front of me, oh and the barbecued prawns………..

The hotel staff were very helpful and willing to assist however they could. The lady who ran the spa deserves particular mention for making sure in a non pushy way that we were making the most out of our holiday.

Other highlights include – the pontoon that appeared in the middle of the night (making sun bathing a more pleasant experience), an American complaining to the hotel staff that they shouldn’t heat the pool (no love its just the sun!) and the cigar bar.

The only negative thing was the very very lazy watersports guys who made it like pulling teeth to get them to let you do something (and it wasn’t free!).

All in all an amazing vacation – 10 days was not enough in this Zanzibar paradise.

One thing to note – we left Breezes to spend a few days in Stone Town – oh how we regretted that. The place, although far more real Zanzibar, was claustrophobic and uncomfortable. We wish we had not bothered, and that we had just stayed at Breezes.