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Our family has its roots in East Africa. We are passionate about Zanzibar and love the Island, the people and its spectacular natural environment. When we came to Zanzibar over 25 years ago, and set foot on our world renowned beach, we decided to use our degrees from the Cornell School of Hotel Management to combine the highest standards in hospitality with the personalization and warmth of a family owned and run business reflecting the beauty, culture, exoticism and the uniqueness of Zanzibar. We are not a chain and we have no formula and.. no, we do not have a fleet of resorts in other Indian Ocean islands. We are here, in every sense of the word.

We did not choose our location by accident. We are located on a beautiful, peaceful beach chosen by Conde Nast Traveler as one of the top island beaches in the world. Of course, when we came, hardly any journalists or travel writers had ever visited our beach-we were true explorers, searching for the perfect spot. We are delighted that the most prestigious Travel magazine in the world approved of our choice!

Why the South East Coast?

We might be a little bit biased, but we really do feel that the South East Coast gives visitors the chance to see and feel the real Zanzibar beach experience.

  • En route to The Zanzibar Collection is the Jozani forest, home to the Red Colobus monkey. A species unique to Zanzibar
  • We are located in a part of Zanzibar that is relatively undeveloped with few hotels, charming fishing villages and a spectacular natural environment.
  • Our beach is simply one of the best in Zanzibar, if not East Africa, if not the world.
  • Our beautiful coral reef which stretches across our coast, makes swimming safe, snorkeling spectacular and has ensured that we have the finest white powder sand beach.
  • We are a quick drive to Kizimkazi, home of the famed Dolphin laguna where you can swim with Dolphins. Add to that breathtaking diving, water sports and reef safaris and you can experience the great variety of marine life that has makes Zanzibar special.

Our Proudest Contribution

One of our proudest achievements has been the wonderful journey of training and educating an entire generation of Zanzibaris and Tanzanians in developing a skill that they can use for the rest of their lives. We have committed ourselves to training and employing local Zanzibaris through our Zanzibar hospitality education programs. English classes are provided for our staff. Many of our best managers have risen through the ranks to achieve their full potential. It is a testament to us that world renowned, international hotel companies in Zanzibar try to poach our staff on a regular basis. An annoying habit that we nevertheless consider to be a feather in our cap.

Experience Breezes

The Mangrove Forest and Dhow Trip: The day begins with a leisurely cruise around the mangroves in a traditional Swahili Dhow where the guides will show the guests some of the abundant marine and wildlife thriving in these forests. After the visit to the mangroves the guests are instructed on how to hand line fish as it has been done on the island for hundreds of years. This is just one small way that the reefs and marine life are preserved on the island as there is no trolling, dynamiting or mass fishing. The boats do not anchor but rather drift with the currents whilst the guests fish. The guest’s catch is then brought back to the hotel and after a short meeting with our chef, prepared for their dinner that evening.

A visit to our local village of Bwejuu: Guests pay $20 for the trip and The Palms provides the transport and tour free of charge with all proceeds going to our charity The Palms for Bwejuu. Our guests have the opportunity to visit the local school, dispensary, mosque have a soda in the village and take a walk through a typical Zanzibari fishing village. All the proceeds of this trip go to our charity, which is engaged in giving back to the village. (Please see what this charity has done in the About Us section, “The Palms giving back”).

Reef Safari: At low tide, guests are able to go for a reef safari where you take a walk out to our coral reef and see the spectacular marine life. Guests will be accompanied by a member of staff out on the coral shelf in front of the hotel and will point out many of the juvenile fish that seek refuge in the shallow waters at low tide. The guests will listen to how the coral itself is vital to the island and its inhabitants as well as information about the sea life they encounter.

World Renowned Diving: The Zanzibar Archipelago features some of the best diving in the world and Baraza offers diving with the only National Geographic affiliated Diving Center in Zanzibar.

Turtle Rescue Program: The Rising Sun which is based in Baraza founded a very successful Turtle Rescue program to discourage local capture of turtles where they pay local fishermen to bring live turtles to our beach. They are then and marked and released back in the ocean.

Stone Town: Baraza organizes Educational visits to The World Heritage site of Stone Town, viewing of historic Spice Plantations, the slave chambers, Maruhubi baths and Prison Island on the island of Zanzibar.

Jozani Forest: 25 minutes away is the Jozani Forest: home to the Red Colobus Monkey which is indigenous to Zanzibar and only found on the island.

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